Filho's Great road

Acton, MA • 2/22/18 6:00pm 

                         The last band standing @ Zorba music hall

                                                                          Lowell, MA • 2/23/18 8:00pm

                                                                 Middle east corner

                                                                       Cambridge, MA • 2/26/18 9:00pm

                                                                        Hard Rock Cafe

                                                                          Boston, MA • 3/24/18 8:00pm


Live review: sophia ward at twin seafood

Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog • August 27, 2017

"I stayed through Sophia’s first set, all 18 songs, and discovered she’s quite capable of mixing things up with just a voice and an acoustic guitar, providing varying tempos and underlying sounds to keep things interesting. And, of course, there’s her exceptional, easily identifiable voice – for a career that extends beyond being a local musician, that’s a must, and it’s a primary reason I’m so confident this young woman has a very high career ceiling."


All you got tour 2017: awarded "top soloist"

Sophia will be featured on the All You Got Tour, from June 2017 through January 2018.

"Sophia is a prolific and sensitive writer with a uniquely killer voice, and has been writing songs, singing, and playing guitar for 8 years. Her music is a sophisticated blend of up-tempo tunes, slow and beautiful ballads, and wry, clever commentaries on life. Her songs convey a depth and breadth of feeling, perspective, and experience that transcend her years, and appeal to a wide demographic."

Stay tuned for new music!